Welcome To Magitek

We are a gamer community Graphics Agency, focused on FFXIV, GTA V, and other such games. We create a multitude of different media, including (but not limited to) banners, flyers, logos, videos, animated graphics, carrd layouts, chibi artwork, stickers, and much more! We're a community of creative minds, looking to make your vision a reality.

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Here is a selection of our posters / flyers. (More examples can be found on our Discord.)
Click on an image to view the larger version. We specialize in both static and animated graphics.

Transparent Gifs

A unique spin on adverts and promos. We offer animated and transparent gifs, and can bring your characters to life on Discord or any other platoform.




Music Videos / Skits

Promos / Tech Demos

Hand Drawn Artwork

Our chibis / portraits are unique in that they can be animated if desired. We offer special deals for multiples.